Electorate Map 2016


  • Poor representation of electorate data
  • Clunky experience
  • Not responsive (Large screens only)


I ran a Design thinking workshop with the ABC team to help define the problem and come up with actionable solutions. I convinced the primary stakeholder to gather other stakeholders who he felt would benefit from participating in this workshop. I faciitated an adhoc paper prototyping workshop where the participants would provide solutions given the above problems. As a result I was able to start initial designs and development for this solution.


Overall the design worked well. The main insight we obtained that resulted in change in design was that some users would tap on the legend. We found that some users thought the legend was interactive. We changed this to look more like a notification. We conducted another round of testing and found users not tapping on the notification.


  • Accurate representaion of electorate data
  • Smoother experience
  • Mobile view
  • Desktop view


The electorate map was a huge success! They were able to tap into new set of users due to the mobile friendly design. The electorates were accurately represented at a national level. There was lots of positive feedback from users.

Through Design thinking we were able to:

  1. Help define the problem
  2. Involve stakeholders to contribute and generate actionable solutions
  3. Take the stakeholders on a journey in the design process

Through Guerilla testing we were able to:

  1. Gain fast feedback about the design
  2. Test hypothesis quickly
  3. Measure and learn how users interact with the product
  4. Catch potential design issues before it gets implemented in code, which saves rework

These processes enabled the team to take stakeholders on the design journey and take user centric approach to design thinking.