• Our most engaged members are older and looking to retire.
  • How could we start to engage our younger members that tend to be less informed?
  • Is there a way to gamify superannuation?


I already had an interest in building my own game. It is a fairly simple game. The mouse click would map to a gesture and the mouse release would map to another gesture.

It wasn't until I made the connection about how money, superannuation and game collectables (score). When you think about it superannuation is a collectable in the background.

That's when I knew that the concept would be that the player would collect coins that represented finding your lost super.

I pitched the game to my manager, CDO and a marketing manager who all loved the idea and wanted to use it in various ways. I would always hope it would be an easter egg in the website, or to use it as a marketing tool to capture new customers.

I was then asked to brain storm how to apply this in a conference setting. I'm now helping drive the project and planning a test run on staff members.


It's exciting to be contributing to a project using what originally was a weekend project.

You can play the game here