Home page redesign


  • Public offer was looming. Customers can now have a wider variety of choice when it comes to superannuation.
  • No compelling reasons to join LGIAsuper

Early concept

An early concept that was thrown around was the idea of an actual interactive door. However this was descoped by the business due to time and complexity to get this experience right without being too gimicky. It was also difficult to balance the length of the narration whilst creating a unique experience that wasn't vague


I held design meetings for stakeholders (such as marketing and compliance) to gather as much feedback as early as possible

The ultimate goal of the design is to increase sign ups, whilst keeping our current engaged members happy (not too many changes).

I did research on:

Landing page best practices

  • I've always found goodui.org a valuable resource. It's easy to digest and can apply simple concepts that haave great impact.
  • I looked at a few landing page examples. I found that by showing evidence of how other websites incorported these into their design and also where they failed to use these principles to help guide the design.


The result was great. It was well received but due to various dependencies it was not released as planned.


I believe by combining user research, research about superannuation and landing page best practices the design lended itself to be more trustworthy and credible. There was great feedback about the addition of testimonials, graphs, videos and to show our community side with partners section. Despite this design not getting released due to various reasons unrelated to the design itself, I feel it was a step in the right direction towards Public offer.

The next step would be to validate the hypotheses above by conducting usability testing.