Loan declaration page


Disclaimers and compliance pages are difficult to design as they naturally cause friction in an experience.


I collaborated with the BA frequently to make sure that when he liaised with the legal and compliance teams there were no surprises.

I would challenge whether we needed the copy in the first place and would do some 'word-smithing' to make it more approachable.

Conventional wisdom tells us

  • that it takes time to apply for a loan
  • that it usually invovles assessing finances and personal circumstances
  • that it involves documents...lots of documents


To increase the overall experience

  • we removed as much copy as possible, which reduces cognitive load which results in driving the user towards the call to action ASAP.
  • we show an approximate time frame needed to complete a loan application.
  • by giving an approximate completion time, customers could prepare documents needed for the application and allocate time needed.
  • we show an approximate time frame for approval.
  • by giving an approximate time for approval, you are giving them a glimpse into the future about when they can expect to have thier money.

Suncorp have since released their as well unauthenticed personal loan application