Personal loans online


The current process for apply for a loan was quite clunky. Suncorp knew this and wanted to make it easy for people to apply for Personal loans online. How do you make the process of applying for a loan as frictionless as possible?


I was put on the project quite close to the first release (which got pushed back many times). An organistional restructure had just taken place, so naturally there was a bit flux and velocity was slow.

I was initally brought on the help with front-end capabilities (ReactJS). I would usually take ownership of the UX and UI components, especially in the onboarding for those who were part of the offshore team. This involved a lot of Skype sessions with the offshore team to get feedback on the components and reasons for why the components were designed.

Despite having a cohesive team, there seemed to be a lack of shared understanding within the team about the overall product we were building. I convinced the BA, Lead Engineer, and the other designer to do a card sorting exercise with me to plan the template of the product.


There were a lot of external dependencies so this worked well to create a template that the team would move towards to despite these dependencies. We were able to use the template and work towards the product which was released with sucess.

Suncorp have since released their as well unauthenticed personal loan application