My origin story

I started out as a Nurse for 8 years, mainly in Cardiology. I was often seen by the bed side at RBWH and in the community centres at Chermside and North Lakes co-ordinating Cardiac Rehabilitation. Although I found the job rewarding it was lacking something I couldn't put my finger on.

I decided to build 6 Minute Walk Test App in my own time as I was frustrated with the overhead spent conducting this test along with the documentation that came with it. I wanted to spend more time engaging with my patients. I taught myself how to develop and design in my spare time which eventually resulted in getting 6MWT iPhone app in the app store.

I found that UI Development and UX design gave me creative freedom to solve a problem and potentially disrupt an industry. I wanted to learn from the best and cutting edge company with a big heart so I worked at ThoughtWorks as UI Developer / UX Designer. I have a passion for creating interactive applications that deliver delightful user experiences. I love working with Frontend Technologies. I consider my Frontend Development strengths in to be HTML, CSS, Javascript (Angular, React), Ionic; Git (I'm not afraid to use the CLI).

I consider my UX strengths to be Responsive Web Design, Mobile Design, Usability Testing, Agile Methodologies (Build, Measure, Learn), UX and Interaction design and Design Workshop facilitation. I am a strong advocate for baking in UX from the start and thrive when I own the UX processes within the team. I believe everyone on the team should and can solve design problems together. My design style is pragmatic (obvious design always wins), and progressive (delight the user). When I have time I work on 6MWT app and Straddie app to keep my grey matter up to date.